A fully independent telecom consulting company
Recognized competence and resource base:
Pioneers of the Finnish international telecom consultancy

Expertise of ex-Sonera senior staff
Extensively networked with other domestic, European & overseas consultants for comprehensive offerings
Long term collaboration with telecom operators and regulators:
In Central and Eastern Europe, in selected Western European countries, in countries of
  former Soviet Union, in South-East Asia, and in Eastern Africa - totalling more than 60 countries!
Extensive experience in working with institutional financiers and other institutions
The World Bank, EBRD, Asian Development Bank, EU's Phare and Tacis
Finnish and Scandinavian development agencies, Nordic Development Fund
International Telecommunication Union, Asia Pacific Telecommunity


Telecon Ltd. was established in 1980. The leading founder and shareholder was the Posts and Telecommunications of Finland (later to be called Telecom Finland and today TeliaSonera Finland) who in the early 1990's became the sole shareholder of Telecon. Today, the company is owned by a handful of ex-Telecon top management and senior consultants. Most of the shareholders act as active partners in the company.

Early on, the main markets for Telecon were the developing countries in southern and south-eastern Asia and in Africa. Some of the projects were funded by the Finnish development co-operation agency while others had either The World Bank or some of the regional development banks as their main sponsor. Apart from consultancy in technical or general management related topics training of middle and senior staff of telecom operator customers was one of the main themes.

Towards the 1990's assignments also in the Central and Eastern European countries became quite frequent, especially under the EU Phare and Tacis programs or as funded by the EBRD. A growing number of self-financed Western European customers emerged, as well - mainly start-up operators seeking assistance in drawing up their network plans or in sketching the commercial aspects of their business.

Today, through our references and the contacts retained we enjoy an excellent base for continued support to our old and new customers, whether they be operators, telecom ministries or regulators. A majority of our consultant staff are ex-Telecom Finland (Sonera) experts of various disciplines. In addition to the above we maintain active relations with other domestic and international consulting companies of various sizes and of various areas of expertise.

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