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Latest Assignments:

Country Client Project Year(s)
Finland Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland Strategic overview of telecommunications and information society. Strategic overview of the development broadband Internet and VoIP and their impact on fixed and mobile telephone business taking into account also wireless broadband technologies challenging new mobile technologies. Joint project with WellPro and Prof-Tel. 2005
Bosnia Herzegovina Telekom Srpske
Technical Advisory Services in Procurement. The assistance covered the following technologies: Copper and Fibre Optic Cables, GSM mobile radio network IP/MPLS network components 2004-2005
Africa, ECOWAS countries The World Bank Cross-Border Connectivity Initiative in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)Region. Analysis of the data on transmission infrastructure, identification of connectivity bottlenecks and recommendations on initiatives. Sub-consultant to Spintrack AB, Sweden 2004-2005
Finland Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland Fibre to the home? Review of the needs and trends of using fibre cable in the access network as well as alternatives for government support. Joint project with WellPro 2004
South Africa
International Finance Corporation
Survey of Investment Opportunities in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sectors in Botswana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa 2004
Finland Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland   Study of the Future of Fixed Telecom Networks; a review of the current situation and future trends and the impacts to the telecom operators and their ability to offer services. Joint project with Tikon Consulting Ltd. 2004
Sri Lanka Lemcon Networks      Feasibility Study of the Rehabilitation of the Telecommunications Network of Sri Lanka Railways 2003-2004
Asian region Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland Preparation of a Strategy Paper for the Finnish Development Cooperation in ICT sector in Asia; sub-consultant for Teleplanning A. Wirzenius Ltd. 2003
Africa region Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland Preparation of the Project Framework Document for the Cooperation between Finland and Economic Commission for Africa in ICT Development in Africa 2002-2003